Shanghai International Lighting Fair

Shanghai International Lighting Fair returns with a revamption focusing on city lighting, bringing industry peers to the healthy city lighting advancement. Travel4Fairs, travels you with unique comfort and safety to any travel destination you wish

SILF aims to become a pioneer industry platform in terms of technology, material and product in city lighting, so as to be the bridge for international city lighting design institutes to showcase their innovative designs, and to serve the industry. Apart from that, with the supports from Shanghai Municipal Administration of Afforestation & City Appearance as well as LUCI Association (LUCI), domestic and international lighting designers will be here to share their experiences in city lighting and planning; together with the “Shanghai International City Lighting Summit“, SILF for sure is a must-go lighting exhibition.

China’s city lighting is turning over to a new leaf, therefore this year’s SILF will focus on being the one-stop platform for the entire city lighting production line to explore all-rounded advancements with an oriental touch; from planning, design, construction and maintenance as well as solutions


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