METEC is the international trade fair for metallurgy, steel casting and steel production

Machinery, plants and products for the steel industry, environmental and resource preservation
or energy efficiency - If you want to be actively involved in shaping the industry markets of tomorrow, then METEC is a must.

As an international industry gathering, the METEC is the exhibition event for the metallurgical technology of tomorrow! The METEC focuses consistently upon reflecting on challenges in order to recognise the requirements of the future. The best metallurgy experts in the world are meeting to exchange ideas and experience

Plants and equipment: for iron production, for steel production, for non-ferrous metal production, for casting and pouring of molton steel and for shaping of steel
Environmental protection/disposal/gas purificaton
Electrical engineering and process control technology
Measurement and test technology

The international trade fair quartet GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS and NEWCAST is THE platform for meetings and business. International buyers, users, experts and decision makers from the metallurgy, heat technology and foundry industries meet here at four events, at the same time and at the same place


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