Ceramitec is the meeting point for the international ceramics industry

Every branch, every market leader, every decision-maker, and the entire value chain is represented in ceramitec. And it is this that makes ceramitec the leading international trade fair within the industry.

Ceramitec is the central event at which the entire ceramics industry–from manufacturers through to scientists–comes together

As a trade fair for suppliers, ceramitec is the meeting point for leading manufacturers, users, and scientists. This is a place to meet people and share your expertise. This forges synergies and raises awareness of new technologies and applications in industry, research, and development

The diversity of the ceramics industry is represented at ceramitec in eight exhibition areas:

Raw materials and additives, powder, production materials, and ancillaries
Refractory materials, kiln furniture, kilns, and kiln equipment
Machines, systems, and devices for heavy clay ceramics
Machines, systems, and devices for fine and refractory ceramics
Technical ceramics
Powder metallurgy
Additive manufacturing



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